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19.07.2021 - The little monsters move out

8 weeks are already over. The little monsters move out.
Okira, Old Nick, O'Boaz, Odin-Zeus will leave us this weekend, Ofrah stays a week longer.

14.07.2021 - Bundes Fährtenhundprüfung in Untersiemau

Yendrick vom Hohner Berg and his dog handler Dunja Recker earned 2nd place with 99/100 points.
At the age of almost 9.5, he has qualified for the VDH DM IGP FH next weekend in Rochlitz.
Congratulations again. We are very proud of you.

11.07.2021 - Show in Wuppertal

Show in Wuppertal-Barmen.
Today Ixi reached a V8 under judge Nikolaus Meßler.
In particular, I would like to thank Katharina Oster again for her help with the Standmusterung and also Ralf Pfeiffer for leading.

17.10.2021 - Test in the SV OG Lautzkirchen

Ixi completes the IGP1 and Lucifer the BH/VT
Many thanks to the OG for the hospitality.

03.10.2021 - Holyday

Grando (Yendrick) vom Hohner Berg and dog handler Dunja Recker won the state group winners of the tracking dogs today.

26.09.2021 - Deja Vu is having her puppies

Unfortunately, there were complications that made a caesarean section necessary.
5 out of 11 babies survived. There are 3 black males and 2 females, one deep dark gray and one black.

29.08.2021 - Endurance test in Lahnstein

Lucifer passed the endurance test in Lahnstein today under judge Tim Kramny.

25.08.2021 - Deja Vu is visibly pregnant

Deja Vu is visibly bearing.
The puppies will be born around the 28th / 29th September.

29.07.2021 - Deja Vu was mated

Deja Vu had her date today with Vino von Schloß Winnental.
Everything went very well.
Thanks to Ottmar Kaczmarek for the hospitality. Now we have to wait and see.

12.06.2021 - Character assessment

The first step is taken. Lucifer passed the character assessment today.

20.05.2021 - Solo vom Hohner Berg passed away

Quietly, as you were in your life, you made your way across the Rainbow Bridge this morning.
Do well "old man".
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07.05.2021 - Xray results

Luzifer was for xray hips and ellbows with best results.

18.03.2021 - Puppies are leaving

5 of the 7 dwarfs moved out today, Nova and Noche-Bella will stay until Saturday.

17.03.2021 - Puppies got their vaccination

The puppies got their vaccination today and now they are deeply offended.

20.01.2021 - The puppies are here

Through complications we have 3 males and 4 females until now alive. 2 males died.

27.12.2020 - Emma is visible pregnant

Emma is visible pregnant. Puppies are expected arround January 24th.

20.12.2020 - The puppies moved out

Yesterday the last baby moved out.
We wish you a lot of fun with the little ones.

11.12.2020 - Names

Today the ID representative of the SV was here. Now the names of the M-litter are official and the puppies got chipped.
Mailo, Maxx, Midnight, Miro, Momo, Mia, Mira, Miss Millie und Morgan.

04.11.2020 - Dewormer

Today they got the first round of dewormer. That didn't taste.
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30.10.2020 - Luzifer was for pre x-ray

Little Luzifer was for pre x-ray hips and ellbows. Everything clear.
Now we can start

27.10.2020 - One week old

deja vu welpen 2020 02.jpg

21.10.2020 - One puppy passed away

Last night one baby passed away.

20.10.2020 - Deja Vu bekommt ihre Welpen

Deja Vu delivered the M-litter with 6 males and 4 females just in time for the 20 year anniversary of the kennel.
Father of the puppies is Kody vom Wolfsfriede..
deja vu welpen 2020 01.jpg

11.10.2020 - Show in Duisburg/Wedau

Judge Mr Nikolaus Meßler.
Ixi did SG 3 in the class for dogs between 18 and 24 month.
Big thanks to Gina for handling her work.

13.09.2020 - Deja Vu is pregnant

Deja Vu is pregnant. Father, Kody vom Wolfsfriede. Puppies are expected arround October 20.

29.08.2020 - Ausdauerprüfung

Yesterday Ixi passed the AD, 20 Kilometer running beside a bicycle.

22.08.2020 - Begleithundeprüfung

Today Ixi passed the BH competition (obidience test).

21.08.2020 - Deja Vu was mated

Today Deja Vu was mated to Kody vom Wolfsfriede. If all goes well, we expect the puppies in 2 months.

15.08.2020 - Xray results

Jasko got the xray results back. He got HD/ED normal from the SV Congratulations to the owners.

25.07.2020 - Körung in Nastätten

Today Emma passed the breeding contest "Körung" for lifetime.

19.06.2020 - Emmas Babyies are leaving

8 weeks are gone. Suitcases are ready, the first ones will move out today.
We wish Emmas babies and their new families all the best and a long time together.
Luzifer will stay with us.

11.06.2020 - Joyce was for main xray

Joyce was for xray. Hips, ellbows and back is ok.

26.05.2020 - Jamie was for main xray

Today Jamie (Jesse-James) was for xray of hips, ellbows and back. For the vet everything is perfect.

24.04.2019 - Emma gets her puppies

Emma gets 8 puppies. 2 male and 6 female.
emma welpen 2020 01.jpg

08.04.2020 - Xray result

Got the Xray result from the SV back. Ixi got hips and ellbows normal (clear) and back ok.

26.03.2020 - Emma is visible pregnant

Due to Corona I don't go to ultrasound with Emma, but she is visible pregnant.

12.03.2020 - Ixi was for main xray

Ixi was for main xray hips, ellbows and back. For the vet everything seems to be fine. Now we have to wait for the SV result.

24.02.2020 - Emma was mated

Today Emma had a date with Xylo from Taubergießen. If everything works out, we expect puppies in 63 days.

23.02.2020 - Character assessment in Landau

Jasko vom Hohner Berg completed his character assessment in Landau today.

15.02.2020 - Emma will me mated

Emma is in heat and in the next days she will be mated to Xylo vom Taubergießen.

05.01.2020 - Emma will me mated

Emma is in heat and will be mated to Xylo vom Taubergießen.

12.10.2019 - Deja Vu gets her puppies

Deja Vu gave birth to 12 puppies. One male and one female didn't make it. The others are healthy so far.
deja vu welpen 2019 02.jpg deja vu welpen 2019 03.jpg deja vu welpen 2019 04.jpg deja vu welpen 2019 05.jpg

11.09.2019 - The new outlet at the puppy kennel is ready

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09.09.2019 - Today Deja Vu was for Ultrasound

Today Deja Vu was for Ultrasound. Pregnancy is confirmed. Gringo vom alten Lindenstumpf and she will be parents again.
deja vu roentgen 2019.jpg

13.08.2019 - Deja Vu was mated

Deja Vu was mated to Gringo vom alten Lindenstumpf.

19.03.2019 - Emma gets her puppies

Emma gets 9 puppies. 6 male and 3 female. 4/2 blackish-brown and 2/1 gray.
emma welpen 2019 01.jpg

10.03.2019 - Deja Vu gets her puppies

Deja Vu gets 7 puppies. 6 male and 1 female. Unfortunately 2 males died shortly after the birth. All puppies are dark gray.
deja vu welpen 2019 01.jpg

15.02.2019 - Emma was at the x-ray

Emma and Eydu vom Bültenräuber will be parents too.
Puppies are expected arround March 22.
emma roentgen.jpg

04.02.2019 - Deja Vu was at the x-ray

Deja Vu and Gringo vom alten Lindenstumpf will be parents.
Puppies are expected arround March 11.
deja vu roentgen.jpg

19.01.2019 - Emma was mated

Today Emma was mated to Eydu vom Bültenräuber.

08.01.2019 - Deja Vu was mated

Deja Vu was mated to Gringo vom alten Lindenstrumpf.

20.10.2018 - Emma passed the IPO2

Today Emma passed the IPO2. Best of the day.

06.09.2018 - Oma vom Hohner Berg passed away

Today Oma vom Hohner Berg died during a surgery.

04./05.09.2018 - Emmas puppies moved out

Puppies moved to their new families.

09.07.2018 - Emma gave birth to puppies

We have 5 males and 4 females.
tn emmas welpen 2018.jpg

06.06.2018 - Emma is pregnant

Emma was for U-sound and she is pregnant.
Puppies are expected arround Juli 11.

11.05.2018 - Emma was mated

Yesterday Emma was mated to Gremlin's Finn .

17.03.2018 - Breeding contest in Koblenz

Emma passed the breeding contest. She did a great protection work.

28.02.2018 - Deja Vu was for ultrasound

She is not pregnant.

03.02.2018 - Deja Vu was mated

Deja Vu was mated to Ickx von Haus-Klönne.

09.12.2017 - Contest in the OG Georgsmarienhütte and some more

Judge Heiko Grube.
Alessandro vom Hohner Berg passed the IPO3.
Congratulations to the team.

Zoltan vom Hohner Berg gets a SG1 (GHKL) at the CACIB Hessen.

18.11.2017 - IPO contest in Zweibrücken

Judge Peter Riehm.
Emma passed the IPO1 and Deja Vu passed the IPO 2.

11.11.2017 - Licensing in Bendorf

Deja Vu is angekört for 2 years.

08.10.2017 - Test in the OG Schwalmstadt-Treysa

Zoltan passes his 2nd FH2 with 98 points.
Congratulations to the team with dog handler Andrea Stodolski..

03.10.2017 - Test in Trippstadt

Judge Hans Sosalla.
Deja Vu passes the IPO 1 with dog handler Ralf Pfeiffer and the old solo had to do the BH again, which he mastered with flying colors.

02.10.2017 - Landesgruppen FH at the SV LG 07

Nina Recker achieves 97 points with Grando (Yendrick) and thus second place.
Congratulations to the team.

22.08.2017 - Sad News.

Today Luna passed the rainbow bridge.

14.05.2017 - Breeding show in Erfenbach.

Emma scores in the Junghundklasse the rating "good".

22./23.04.2017 - Grando wins the FCI qualification.

Grando (Yendrick) wins the FCI qualification of Landesgruppe 07 in Verl. He now has a ticket to the FCI Bundesqualifikation.
Van Bella with her dog handler Anna Lena Basner took part too and reached the 14th place in her first supraregional examination.

07.04.2017 - Dog show in the OG Friesische-Wehde.

Bojar vom Hohner Berg receives the breeding evaluation SG in the Gebrauchhundklasse.
Congratulations to the owner Erwin Zeisberg.

19.03.2017 - Test at Beckum.

Judge Thorsten Holzkemper.
Zaro vom Hohner Berg passes the IPO 3.
Congratulation to the team with dog handler Michael Breede.

12.03.2017 - Test at Peine-Woltorf.

Black Jack vom Hohner Berg passes the IPO 1.
Congratulation to the team with dog handler Katja Nauen.